Timber, Decking, Brick, and More

We know that choosing the materials for your project can be a tough decision. We want to make it an easy one by providing you with great options to enhance your project. Using materials from Legacy Timber will bring a unique history, environmental benefits, and proven durability in a multitude of applications.

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Beams and Timbers

Our beams and timbers are recovered by hand, with the utmost care taken in preserving the size and strength of each member. These antique beams have been in use for over 150 years and are ready for a new life in your project. Originally crafted from Longleaf heart pine, they have very tight grain patterns yielding a tremendous amount of strength per member.

In choosing one of our timbers you are preventing the removal of trees growing around the world today while also stopping more material from filling the landfills of our country. Saving the environment isn’t the only benefit however; with the addition of these timbers to your project you are adding a rich layer of history, combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design and construction.

Monarch Mill

Our Warehouse

During the 1800's, our country experienced a surge of growth of warehouses as the industrial revolution churned onward. Many, if not all, of the facilities were built using the strongest and most durable materials that could be found. Great timbers carved from 300 year old trees were used to raise these buildings until there were almost no such trees left. Species such as the Longleaf Yellow Pine once covered the landscape of our country, nearly 84 million acres, but now only around 4,000 acres remain.

Legacy Timber prides itself on giving a new life to these trees instead of letting great heirlooms of strength go to waste. Such strength is due to the incredible density of the rings in the "heart pine" timbers we reclaim. We believe in these materials so much that our main warehouse is actually a turn of the century textile mill in Union, SC. Six stories of timbers, columns, and decking spanning for thousands of board feet. Unlike many of our competitors, we don't keep any of our material outside exposed to the elements. Any piece of wood that is reclaimed by our talented crews is transferred to our dry, conditioned, and protected space.

We are more than happy to offer one on one tours of our warehouse to interested parties who want to see the materials we offer. Click the button below to contact a representative to set up a time and date for your tour. We look forward to showing you our stock.